Crush Gates


Fully galvanized cattle crush gates, available in Standard, Semi Automatic, Fully Automatic and Universal

The standard crush gate is the most basic gate with moveable vertical bars to suit animal size. The gate is hinged on one side and opens fully to allow an animal to pass through.

The Semi-automatic gate has one lever operation with both sides adjustable to suit neck / head size. Comes c/w fixing lugs for connecting to crush gate posts.

The Fully-automatic gate has automatic resetting mechanism. Quick adjustment on both sides to suit neck / head size. One lever operation with spring close reset action. This gate is suitable for large livestock.

The Universal gate has spring loaded neck bars to allow faster adjustment and securing of animals head. It also has an easily operated lever which may be pulled half way resulting in the gate only opening forward, hence preventing the animal backing up the run. This gate will also stay open to allow all animals to exit the crush.